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Everything is a Story shares the break ups to break through of Artist and Extraordinary people.

We are committed to uplift the community with genuine stories of extraordinary people from breakup to breakthrough.  Some of us are stuck in our Rites of Passage stage.  Many of us grow complacent  because there can be comfort in dysfunction. 

 Eias will explore triumph in the transition which led to the breakup.   The break up ultimately leads to a breakthrough. We strive for better personal growth one break up story at a time.


Music Highlights:Each episode highlights Sounds Tracks form local up and coming bands and music producers.  The music is hot. 

Host: Dujuana Sharese and Rescue Poetix


Q&D: Email us your  breakup to breakthrough story I will read your on our Quick & Determined Segment of Eias. Quick & Determined is concentrated version of Eias.


Apr 4, 2022

Educator  Encourager and International Artist Ameerah Shabazz - Bilal shares her mind blowing story of about love, life and inspiration. Shabazz's consistant  breakthroughs  has empowered her voice  to  encourage, empower and elevate children and women around the world. 

Mar 4, 2022

  A Spiritual Awakening is the first element of change or is it? LeTonia Jones, poet, writer and social justice advocate, provides cooking techniques  to combat systemic racism  and sets the table for Artist and Activist.    

Jan 2, 2022

Eias is starting the new year off with self exploration.  Author Maiya Katherine talks about the inspiration and exploration of her book An Apology To My Demons.  The journey of her breakup up to breakthrough will pull you in with identification and  clarification.  

Check out Maiya's book on Amazon or contact directly

Apr 11, 2021

Beat Poet Laureate Paul Richmond talks about his experience with his Poetry Festival, Juggling and relationships. "Paul's work is best described as political and deadpan, delivered wryly humorously in his own style. He has been called Assassin of Apathy – "power of words / humor - on the unthinkable, the unsolvable,...

Mar 21, 2021

We have all been in relationships that were not healthy and  we  did everything we could to save it.  We tried different methods, changed our behaviors and even went to couples therapy.  We either worked it out, became tired of being sick and tired and left  or become comfortable with pain.   Well Neeve  explains how...